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Balcony & terrace plants your flower nursery in Küsnacht close by Zurich

Welcome the spring with colourful balcony plants and terrace plants

Spring flowers for the balcony, terrace and garden

Already from February on, it is possible to bring uplifting colors into the entrance of your house or on any other protected side of your terrace or balcony. Baskets, pots or plant bowls can already be planted with the particularly robust horn violets and with bulbs that have been advanced.

We would be happy to advise you individually on which varieties are particularly suitable for balcony plants and terrace plants. Our service also includes the planting of your plant baskets, bowls and pots.

By the way, spring is the perfect time to plant vegetable seedlings - so you can soon start harvesting your own vegetables.

We bring spring to your home

A cheeky spring flirt with the colorful balcony plants and terrace plants from Karrer Gärtnerei AG! Visit our garden center in Küsnacht ZH near Zurich, Lake Zurich, Gold Coast, Pfannenstiel, Zollikon, Zumikon, Erlenbach, Herrliberg and Meilen (➔ for directions) and let yourself be inspired by the wide assortment of early flowering plants.

As quality is our top priority, 95 % of the plants we offer are cultivated locally and as organically as possible!

Spring time is planting time for pansies, primroses, tulips, narcissus and many more

In our large selection of plants you will find the right one for every season and every occasion. To ring in the beginning of the new garden year with a colourful blooming flowers, you can buy various spring flowers in our garden market. Here are some examples of our spring messengers:

  • Horned violets
  • Pansies
  • Primroses
  • Daisies
  • Ranunculus
  • Narcissus
  • Tulips
  • Grape hyacinths

Take a look around in our high-quality plant variety and discover your favorites! Soil, fertilizer and more plant care products are of course also available from us.

By the way, our seasonally planted flower baskets or a gift vouchers are also a great opportunity to send a little spring greetings to one or the other dear person!

Seasonal production from the nursery experience the colourful variety

Even if it's not the season for spring flowers, we also have balcony and terrace plants for a beautiful summer display or for a magical autumn. In autumn, you will also find flower bulbs here so that you can think about the next spring on time.

Don’t waist time and visit our garden center in Küsnacht near Zurich for all kinds of balcony and terrace plants: we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Summer flowers and garden plants for nice summer days

Summer is the seaon of the sun, heat and bright light. The nature is also in its high season then. Balcony, terrace and garden can be easily be transformed into a small flower oasis with just a few simple steps. Karrer Gärtnerei AG in Küsnacht, in the canton of Zurich, recommends beautiful summer flowers and garden plants from our assortment to give your outdoor area a new summer feeling.

Flowers and plants for garden, balcony and terrace

For our customers, we are always looking for blooming garden ornaments. Then once planted, the summer bloomers should give us colored flowerswhich last until the cool autumn nights

That’s the reason why you will find a large selection of balcony plants and terrace plants here. We have suitable plants for every taste as well as the appropriate soil, fertilizer and more.

We would be happy to provide you individual advice which flowers and plants are particularly suitable for planting on your balcony, terrace or in the bed and give helpful tips regarding location and care. Our service includes not only advice on planting but also the delivery around the Canton of Zurich!

A large selection of pelargoniums over 80 different varieties

Which is one of the most wanted summer flower? Of course, the pelargonium! Pelargoniums are well known as white, pink and red ivy hangers or standing flowers. We still produce them in ten standard types. We have been working with geraniums for 35 years in which over 70 varieties have been added. The selection in our pelargonium house is large and impressive. 

You will find everything, from the various scented pelargoniums to shadow geraniums and not to forget the sidoides, from which drops against cough are made. You can choose and mix your balcony, terrace and garden plants as you may wish. Even in company with other flowers, pelargoniums are always a nice eye-catcher.

Magnificent mandevilla (Dipladenia) for balcony and terrace

Mandevilla is one of the most grateful terrace plants, especially for very sunny locations. They are climbing plants and therefore perfect for decorating trellises and railings. Mandevilla, such as the Sundaville variety, should be planted in a pot or box, ideally from the 20th May on. 

They will decorate your terrace when the nights are stay warmer and the “ice saints” are over. In our marked garden you will find many different sizes and varieties.

We look forward to your visit in every season

Whether you are looking for summer flowers, plants for a magical autumn or a spring flirt, our seasonal range of garden plants will definitively inspire you. Furthermore, we offer individually planted flower arrangements, seasonal and home-made fresh vegetables, as well as gift vouchers or other presents for your nearest and dearest.

It's worth visiting us anyway! Karrer Gärtnerei AG is located in Küsnacht, near Zurich city, on the gold coast of Lake Zurich, at the foot of the Pfannenstiel, between Erlenbach, Zollikon and Zumikon.

Blooming roses in pots or for the garden

The beautiful plants with richly double flowers are rightly extremely popular - after all, they are not only visually attractive, but also robust and not very susceptible.

With one click you can see the online shop.

This is a PDF with the rose variety descriptions can be found on the Assortment & Prices page.

If you are interested in other products, e.g. soil or fertilizer, or would like more information, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you individually.

Colorful autumn magic with hardy plants and perennials

In autumn when the days start to get shorter and the first leaves turn their lush green into a golden yellow, orange and brown, you can still do a lot in terms of gardening. At the Gärtnerei Karrer AG in Küsnacht you can now get everything you need for an atmospheric autumn magic in your home, garden, on your balcony or terrace.

Atmospheric autumn planting for balcony and terrace

In addition to cut flowers for your colorful bouquet and plants for having indoor, we also have perennials and hardy plants that you can plant even in autumn. Our offer includes:

  • Horned violets (Viola cornuta) – over 20 varieties
  • Pansies (Viola x wittockiana) – around 120,000
  • Wallflower (Cheiranthus or Erysimum) - in classic yellow and orange or in more modern colors such as copper, purple or red
  • Forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica)
  • Coral bell (Heuchera) - hardy leafy ornamental plants that bloom gently coral, white or pink in summer
  • Grasses, japanese Skimmia and Christmas roses - for tubs and troughs
  • Snowberry also known as wintergreen and other plants with berries
  • Heather family; Calluna and Erica

There are almost unlimited possibilities to combine them in a tub or trough. We have a lot of different hardy plants for a beautiful and colorful variety.

Heather will beautify the autumn in your garden

The special place in the garden, which was mainly granted to the Erica a few years ago, has been upgraded, with a very large selection of Calluna, Heuchera and other specialties.

Just get an idea of the diverse heath plants as well as other flowers and plants from our nursery to beautify your garden or terrace for the autumn!

Plant now flower bulbs to let them bloom in spring

Our tip: Think about the next spring, already in autumn!

Did you know that late October and November is the best time to plant bulbs?

You will find a wide selection of bulbs from low-growing plants such as wild tulips, snowdrops, tête-à-tête, grape hyacinths and high-growing tulips, narcissus (daffodils), hyacinths and many more.

We are open all year long!: Our market garden looks forward to inspiring you

We would be happy to advise you and provide useful tips on location, planting and more - because excellent service is a matter of course for us and as important as high quality products. Just visit us during the opening hours in our village nursery in Küsnacht near Zurich, Lake Zurich, Gold Coast, Meilen, Pfannenstiel, Zollikon, Zumikon, Erlenbach and Herrliberg (➔ how to get there) and make up your own mind. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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