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Herbs & vegetables your flower nursery in Küsnacht close by Zurich

Vegetable seedlings It couldn't be fresher - salad from your own garden!

From mid-March to September, we offer various vegetable seedlings and salad seedlings for your balcony or garden. Not everything has to be put into the ground, some seedlings can also be cultivated in pots as Lettuce, Swiss chard or radish.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you on the phone or in person at our village nursery.

A compilation of all the delicacies we produce throughout the year:
An insight into the range depending on the season:

  • August to September: tomato, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, zucchini
  • September to November: pumpkins, catalogna salad, rape
  • December to February: cress, radish & Lamb's lettuce

In Spring you can buy seeds for eatable Flowers.

Fresh vegetables in summer

From mid-July to September we also offer various summer vegetables that we produce ourselves. Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini etc. We cultivate specialties such as the "Küsnachter tomato", "Karrer's Special Tomato" or mini eggplants.

We also offer culinary specialties such as heart-shaped cucumbers or zucchini flowers.

Tomato variety from mid-August

Küsnachter-Tomate ...this is it's real sort Name!
aromatic beefsteak tomato
the sweet flavour is perfect for sauces

Karrer spezial ..our own specialty
large, dark, fleshy fruit

the salad tomato red & round
as well for sandwiches and burgers our nuber one!

aromatic, slightly elongated fruits

Cherry sweet
sweet, round cherry tomatoes
the perfect snack for in between meals


Cucumber range from mid-August


Nostrani cucumber
dark, fleshy fruit

Snack cucumber
small, aromatic and great for in between meals


Summer specialties zucchini and eggplant

Green zucchini

Striped zucchini

Yellow zucchini
long-fruited, yellow skin with slightly finer flesh

Zucchini blossom
A Mediterranean cuisine specialty, the flowers can be stuffed and fried for the main course or aperitif


Dark eggplant
long-fruited, deep purple skin

Striped eggplant
rather round fruits with finer flesh

Mini eggplant
extra small purple skinned eggplants the size from dates to kiwis

Zucchini & Aubergine


Herbs from the Karrer Gärtnerei AG in Küsnacht

Enjoy the pleasant scent of fresh kitchen herbs from your own garden! In addition to a large selection of vegetables and herbs, you will also find extraordinary specialties.

We are happy to provide detailed advice about the best locations for herbs and vegetables and give useful care instructions.

Autumn & winter vegetables your flower nursery in Küsnacht close by Zurich

Lamb's lettuce

From November to February, we offer our home-grown fresh „Nüsslisalad“, hand cut and available every day.

Not organic - even better: not treated !

A local specialty that was hand made produced and harvested with a lot of passion.

One serving is approximately 50 to 80 grams per person.

Contactless collection is possible by arrangement.

Our fresh vegetables can also be ordered in the online shop!


From September to November, we offer pumpkins. Butternut, Etamp, Halloween, Muskat, Pattison is the eatable kinds we do produce.


Every winter, we also have a greenhouse tunnel that is used entirely for the cultivation of our radishes.

Autumn beets

The autumn beets are for the swiss customs carving the “Räbeliechtli” or for autumn cuisine in November.

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